What are the most overlooked items in your home?

It’s time for spring cleaning! Let us take a moment to try to remember the filthiest, nastiest parts of the homes that we overlook or some of which you surely haven’t cleaned in a while. Take care to put these spots on your list.

Items you have overlooked to clean

  • The Top of Your Fridge and Cabinets: How frequently do you go up there? We found that between cabinets and the refrigerator is where a lot of the worst dust exists.
  • Coffee Makers: Drip coffee machines seemingly are one of the kitchen appliances team up with the most bacteria in many homes. Clean them with vinegar and hot water every once in a while.
  • Between, under and behind appliances: These dust can be dreadful, and they can also be a fire hazard.
  • Pillows: Do you like sleeping on pests and dead skin? Should you clean your pillows? Dirty pillows can be very bad for respiratory health, and most people don’t understand they can usually just throw them in the washing machine.
  • Ceiling fan: Don’t keep blowing the same dust throughout your home over and over. Use this super-simple trick with a pillowcase to clean it without getting the dust everywhere.
  • Makeup Brushes: Ladies, please don’t put bacteria on your face or in your eyes over and over. There are several methods to clean these brushes, but according to me, the baby shampoo works best.
  • Bath Mat: Throw it in the laundry, it’s holding all of that water from your shower collected in one rug.
  • Yoga Mat: sweat, dirt, bacteria and foot fungus hang out where you like to be mentally centered. Use some cleanser and water and hose it down. If you don’t have time before class, spray it down with water mixed with tea tree oil.
  • Garbage Pails: I clean these really often, myself. It might be time to break out the bleach.
  • Cleaning Items Themselves: As it will extend their usefulness and cleaning them will help prevent spreading illness, consider taking the time to freshen up your vacuum and broom. Remember to clean your vacuum’s filter, too.

Try to follow the above thing and bid adieu the germs and bacteria. If you need a professional cleaning service or Commercial cleaning services, Melbourne, call Cleaning Services in Melbourne at 1300 668 025.


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